What to look for when buying a bike


Almost every kid today wants a bike for Christmas or birthday. It is one of the most popular methods of transportation in many countries. Bicycles are also an excellent way of exercise. It works out your body with low impact on your joints. However, of you want to buy one, you need to take a few things into account. This article will help you make an informed choice by pointing out key areas that you must look at when purchasing a bicycle.

The frameaa11

The frame of a bike is what keeps it together. There are many designs when it comes to frames. Some are made with steel while others use aluminum and alloys. The designs also vary, with particular models being more suitable for women when they are wearing dresses or skirts. Some are made to withstand rough terrain while others are suitable for riding on flat roads. You can buy many of these models at theĀ Folding Bike Zone where you can see a wide range of models.

The tires

There are many sizes the tires come in. You get the larger and more narrow ones that are better for speed because they cause less friction with the road. The wider ones are better if you need more grip in case you are riding on uneven, gravel or sandy roads. You must always make sure you inflate the tires correctly. You can check the psi value which will be displayed on the wall of the tire.


There are bikes with gears and without them. The ones that do come with changeable gears make it easy to ride on different road conditions. For example, if you do not have this options, going uphill can be extremely difficult. However, if you ride a bike with gears, it will be easier.


The price you pay for a bicycle will depend on all the above features. There are some that are foldable too, and they are great if you want to transport them. You can also take them with you on the bus or train because they do not take much space once they are folded.

Where to buy

Bicycles can be purchased in any large department store. You can also buy them online where you will get many different options available. Buying online will be better because you are likely to get a much better deal and delivery right to your door. Make sure you have a set of tools with you in case your bike needs a little tweaking once in a while.