Tips on Buying a Toy for Your Dog

a dog running with a ball

Buying a toy for your dog is the best way to give your dog a treat once in a while. A good toy will allow your dog to play and exercise. There are various toys available in the market, and when buying dog toys for the first time, you might be confused.

The idea is to make sure that you consider various factors when buying the toy. Each dog is unique, and this means that the type of toy that is needed is also unique. Here are some tips to help you in buying a dog toy:

Age of dog

You need to consider the age of the dog before you decide to buychewable toy for dog a toy. Puppies and dogs have different needs when it comes to toys. For instance, puppies need soft rubber toys because their teeth are not fully developed. On the other hand, mature dogs might need hard toys to exercise their teeth because they have fully developed. The are various toys available to play with your lab puppy. When shopping for dog toys, you will realize that they have been categorized based on age.

Type of dog

The type of dog that you own will determine the toys that you buy. Bulldogs are different from other dogs because they are physically strong. It is important to buy strong chewable toys for bulldogs because they need to exercise their teeth. The small breeds that are kept as pets might not need the chewable toys. Balls are the ideal for the small dog breeds because they like to play with them.


It is important to consider your safety as well as your dog’s when buying a toy for your dog. The toys that you buy should be able to guarantee your safety when your dog is playing. Avoid buying toys that are too small because they are likely to cause choking for your dog. The toys should also be strong enough to avoid breakage. Always consider safety because the last thing that you want is for your dog to choke when playing.

an assortment of dog toys

Type of toy

Different types of toys are available, and you need to consider the right one for your dog. The toys include chewables, balls, treats and other types of toys. You just need to identify the type of toy that is ideal for your dog.