Home Air Conditioning Service – Common Service Points To Consider


It is necessary to have your home A/C serviced at least twice per year. It is estimated that a new air conditioning system for a home can cost between two to six thousand dollars. Thus, it is an important purchase for a home. You can protect your investment and increase returns. There is nothing important than regular maintenance carried out by home air conditioning service technician. You can visit website to find out the various AC services they offer. Routine maintenance makes the unit to last longer and have an efficient operation. In return, this saves you on electricity bills.

Although HVAtge6d72edu82i92o2C units are designed to withstand cold, blazing heat, and any given level of humidity, its components can wear out with time. Thus, there is a need for regular tune-ups. A professional can help identify potential problems that necessitate expensive replacement or repairs. The following are common service points of air conditioning.

Checking freon

This is not the only item to check. When a technician visits your home, he should carry out planned preventative maintenance program that includes a number of services. One of the things he or she do is to check freon levels and measure and test voltage of all the electrical components. Moreover, it is the role of the technician to lubricate the motor, replace filters, and check for any drains or dents. There is also need to tighten both mechanical and electrical connections. All of these can result in more efficient air conditioning unit and increase greatly its longer service life.

As ttgwed5g2weu72u28i2he unit ages, its components start to decompose. The plastic and rubber parts of the AC unit start to shrink and expand with changing temperatures. Whenever this happens, metal components can rub against each other resulting in friction and even fire damage. Thus, to keep your family and home safe, there is a need to plan for a routine HVAC system servicing. An experienced technician will identify issues before they necessitate complete overhaul.


By having your air conditioning system serviced on a regular basis, you are bound to save a lot of money. For instance, it improves the efficiency of the system and reduces your heating and cooling costs. Moreover, it can protect your home from safety hazards and equipment breakdown. It will add several years to your equipment and increase returns on investment of the AC system. It is true that regular maintenance makes your unit dependable and your family can stay comfortable no matter the season.…

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