Yoga for pregnant women


Yoga is an excellent way for soon to be mothers to stay healthy and fit. It is a good exercise not only for the prenatal period but also has benefits during delivery. It effectively helps mothers overcome challenges associated with childbearing.

Benefits of yoga to pregnant women

Promotes better sleepdsgfdfghjgfddghjklhgfgdfgdhjkl

Pregnant women encounter trouble with sleeping which can be because they are not able to sleep on their bellies. Expectant mothers who do prenatal yoga and mindfulness meditation are seen to have an improvement in their sleep quality. It is advisable to start this during the early stages of your pregnancy.

Reduces back and body pain

Expectant mothers always look forward to this since it is a norm for them. The expanding belly also makes them uncomfortable as they have to change their sleeping and sitting positions which render their bodies painful. The particular yoga sequence for mothers gives yoga poses that help in alleviating back pain as well as body pains that result from pregnancy.

Help in reducing stretch marks

Regular exercise makes your body’s oxygen intake increase which means circulation of blood rich in oxygen around the body is increased. This way the elasticity of the skin increases which helps women with stretch marks when the abdomen begins to quadruple in size. Yoga helps with this, but you must take care to accommodate your growing foetus.

 Ease depression

During pregnancy, depression is a common problem. Women who participate in mindfulness yoga have their symptoms of depression reduced. It is advisable that pregnant women participate in this to reduce depression.

Labor and delivery preparation

When you are pregnant and afraid, you tighten up. The tightening leads to what can be termed as a fear-tension-pain cycle. This can affect your efforts to remain calm during labor, especially if you hope for no pain medication or minimal childbirth experience. Yogic methods of mindful, deep breathing can help your body relax and loosen, and get you a mammalian place, where you can let your body do what it already knows, which is giving birth.

Other benefits

Yoga practices hefdfdgdfgfgfrtfghfgdfhghjggghjglp with increasing a woman’s flexibility and lower blood pressure during pregnancy. Improving the
muscles as well as improving a woman’s overall wellbeing are other benefits.

Pregnancy discomforts are many. Yoga during pregnancy can help curb most of these…

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