Skinny Jeans Alternatives


Skinny jeans for a long time have been a favorite in the fashion industry. Rock stars, celebrities have been very instrumental in making them to be recognized worldwide. Despite their adoration, in the past couple of years, they jeans have seen a demise in the industry. Looser wide leg jeans are taking over the market. Skinny jeans are fading away, and there has to be an alternative for them.

Alternatives to skinny jeans


These are super casual jeans can be dressed down easily. They are often baggy and loose fit enough to provide the much-needed comfort, unlike the tight skinny jeans. Boyfriend jeans are among the jeans that are becoming a popular replacement for skinny ones.

Straight leg jeans

Straight leg jeans are fit in a classic and relaxed manner. They give a slimming effect without tightness that comes along with skinny jeans. It is suitable for all sizes and shapes. Straight leg is good for those who want to maintain their jeans slim but avoid tightness.

 Bootcut jeans

If you have elongated legs, then boot cut is the idea for you. Bootcuts are good at flattering anyone since it will balance the curves of women with big bodies and help with creating curves in skinny ladies. They have their name because they are good for wearing with boots.

Mom jeans

Despite being great for practical daily wear, mom jeans have not been trending. Perhaps this is why most moms love them. They tend to have high waists hence give a roomy fit for moms. This is where it gets its name.

Wide leg jeans

These have a flattering fit that makes them suitable if you want to hide your big thighs. Wide leg jeans are very comfortable. They are gaining popularity faster, and designers tip them to be the next trend in denim jeans.

 Flared-leg jeans

Like bootcut, flared leg jeans are good for elongated legs. They are better however in the sense that they can add curves to your suit as well as your silhouette.


Overalls have no tightness around your waist when you put them on which makes them very comfortable. They thus sdfghjkhgdfsffghjkl;jhgfdssghjkloffer an excellent alternative for skinny jeans. However, you must take care not to dress down your overall too much since someone can mistake you for a workman

The fact that skinny jeans are slowly being outfaced should not worry you since numerous alternatives exist. Though most of them do not trend a lot, they can be a perfect replacement for the tight skinny jeans.…

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